WordPress (2.8.2) Issues

Since I migrated my blog to the new service provider I ran into a few problems.

WordPress.com Stats Plugin

First of all I was unable to post from Live Writer because of an error I kept on getting. The error looked like an error with something that had to do with XML-RPC support. Which –ofcourse- I had enabled.
Live Writer Error

Finally I found a forumpost on the WordPress Support Forum where someone advised to disable all plugins to see if the problem disappeared, and it did.

After a bit of testing I found out that the “WordPress.com Stats” plugin caused this plugin and after reading the release-notes of this plugin carefully I noticed that the plugin was tested up to WordPress version 2.8 and not to 2.8.2.


After the problem above was fixed I noticed another problem. After posting from Live Writer now went error-free it seemed that HTML-tags in the posts I posted became somewhat incomplete cause the < and > characters were stripped from the HTML-code. Which resulted in incomplete or distorted messages, since it also happend when you edited messages in Live Writer.

The problem –after a bit of research- appeared to caused by the combination of PHP 5.2.8 and LibXML 2.7.2. I found a post on the WordPress Support forum where a link was mentioned to the libXML2 Fix Plugin and from that page there was a reference to the WordPress Trac (bugtracker database) where the problem was described that I was experiencing.

After installing the libXML2 Fix Plugin on my blog all of the problem disappared and everything worked fine again!